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Ceramic Coating

xpel fusion plus: Ceramic coating

At Eclipse Auto Pros, we only use the best. XPEL’s FUSION PLUS™ is a professionally applied product specifically for use on automotive paint and XPEL paint protection films. It bonds at the molecular level to seal and protect surfaces from environmental contaminants and damaging UV rays.

Ceramic Coating FAQs

Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that when applied to paint bonds with and creates a hard glossy layer. 

Paint protection film or PPF is a thin transparent film that when applied protects the car from scratches rock chips and other forms of physical damage. 

XPEL, Inc. (the “Company”) expressly warrants to the owner that, for a period of four (4) years from the date of initial installation (the “Warranty Period”), the Company will cover the vehicles paint finish and XPEL paint protection films finish on the FUSION PLUS PAINT & PPF (the “Product(s)”) against: oxidation, loss of gloss, UV damage, color fading. This Limited Warranty only applies to the Company’s Products which are professionally installed in the manner recommended by the Company.

Using XPEL aftercare products when detailing your various surfaces will significantly extend the life of FUSION PLUS. Our products have been designed to complement our coatings and will help keep your surface looking newer, longer.


  • For exterior cleaning, we recommend using XPEL Rinse Free Car Wash on a weekly basis, to avoid excessive contamination buildup. Avoid washing in direct sunlight to minimize streaking and water spotting.
  • Wash from the roof downwards, leaving the dirtiest sections last, avoiding possible cross-contamination. You can follow up with XPEL Detail Spray and XPEL Ceramic Boost for added gloss.


  • Always dry the exterior surfaces completely using a clean, soft, lint free microfiber towel or air blower. Never allow water to evaporate on its own. Tap water can contain minerals which leave deposits on your coating, creating unwanted water spots.


  • For exterior surfaces, follow washing and drying steps above. Follow up with XPEL Detail Spray for any left- over fingerprints or smudges on your paint protection film or surface. You can apply the XPEL Ceramic Boost (as needed) for added shine and slickness.


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